Update on Clubhouse Renovations

Update on Clubhouse Renovations

UPDATE by The Wildewood Club on March 16, 2022

Breaking News The Wildewood Club Downstairs Remodel Status Report.

Finally, after three months the Wildewood Construction Team can confidently report on the project status and share the recently approved “Floor Plan”. We realize the details have been somewhat sketchy since the beginning for a number of reasons. This effort began in May of 2021 with a series of meetings with our initial architect to develop concept drawings for preliminary design submittal and approval by Richland County. The concept drawings were issued to four contractors to obtain competitive bids for a “Design Build” construction project. On November 15,2021 a contract was signed with Mashburn Construction Company. To move the project along while negotiating and finalizing contract details, we as the owners contracted for an Asbestos Survey on October 21,2021 and to our surprise, while minimal, there was asbestos containing material in the walls. A qualified contractor was engaged with the removal work taking place on December 6,2021, thus explaining why the Pub and the Pro Shop had to be closed early. Third Party air monitoring, quality control and certified data acquisition was also contracted during the work execution. All the required data was collected and the SC DHEC permit was closed out.

The Richland County Demolition permit was issued on January 25,2022 allowing the project to move forward and the Permit to construct was issued on March 10,2022. Note the New Floor Plan:

Some key features of the renovation are (A) The men’s locker room is being downsized in order to add a Ladies locker room (B) all the exterior windows and doors are being significantly enlarged to enhance the view and bring in more outside light (C) the Pro Shop is being expanded (D) The grill is being moved out of the Pub opening up the window view (E) The grill is being located in a separate room off the Pub area (F) The Pub ceiling is being raised to nearly 11 feet (F) a new passage way is being added at the front between the Pub and the Pro Shop. 

The renovation has been moving forward with at least five very important priorities:

  1. Safety, nobody gets injured on this job
  2. Permit Compliance
  3. Quality of construction
  4. Budget
  5. Schedule.

Why has it taken so long to get the Permit to Construct? The answer is “There were no as built drawings for the existing facility”. During the demolition phase several hidden structural elements were uncovered and it was necessary to factor each situation into the final permit application to Richland County. Mashburn (Catherine Poplin) and our Architectural firm Design Initiative Group (Luke McCary), have demonstrated flexibility and creativity throughout the process by quickly responding to emerging issues. The permit is now in hand but work did not stop during the permitting process. The trades have been onsite regularly moving the job forward.

To date:

• Asbestos abatement complete
• Demolition complete
• Exterior windows and doors sawcut and enlargements complete
• Plumbing, water supply and drains roughed in and ready for inspection
• New interior doorways have been sawcut
• Orders placed for new doors, lights, and other commodities
• New interior/exterior insulation and firring strips are being installed
• Electrical demolition complete
• New electrical wiring is being installed
• Mechanical – new air-conditioning duct work is being installed

Next Steps:

• Pour concrete to cover the new drains
• Stand up the new walls for the new locker rooms, offices, hallways etc.
• Plumbing
• Electrical wiring
• Windows and doors
• Brick masonry work around the windows
• Sheetrock/trim etc.

Target Dates:

1. Be back in the new Pro-Shop by April 15th
2. Open the new locker rooms by May 23th
3. Open the Grill by May 30th.

Many activities and materials will have to come together to achieve these dates. We are confident The Wildewood Club has partnered with the best contractors in the Columbia area to make this happen. We have a Plan and a Critical Path Time Line. Our contactors have the experience, capability to marshal the necessary resources, and a demonstrated track record. The Wildewood Construction Team, Jo Vallone, Dick Swartout and Jim Landreth are meeting regularly with the contractors as well as making time on a daily basis to address emerging issues to keep the work moving forward.

We thank you for your patience and working through several inconveniences during construction. We have assured our Contractor there will be no punishment for and early finish. All parties are committed and working hard toward the key millstones.

The Wildewood Construction Team