Update on Clubhouse Renovations

Update on Clubhouse Renovations

UPDATE by The Wildewood Club on April 2, 2022

The Wildewood Club Downstairs Remodel Status Report.

This past week has been really hectic but work moved forward at warp speed.

Walls were insulated and drywall taping and finishing in the Pro Shop Areas and the back corridor was completed. The painters will be in Monday 04.04.2022 to prime and paint the walls. The new ceiling installation will begin next week. In addition, the new window frames have been installed and are no awaiting glass.

In the new locker rooms, roughed in plumbing has been completed and the sheet rock hung. Note the Backer Board has been installed for the ceramic tile.

Note all the work completed in the Pub, the drop ceiling framing above the bar area. The new grill Kitchen area is moving along with plumbing, electrical, drywall, and placement of large appliances inside the room.

Key activities next week in the Pro Shop will be priming and painting the walls, ceiling installation, finishing around the interior of the new windows. In the kitchen electrical and plumbing will continue along with hanging sheet rock. The locker rooms will need taping and finishing of the sheet rock in preparation for the tile installation. The Pub area is moving along in preparation for the sheet rock. The brick mason is scheduled in next week to begin outside work around the new windows and doors.

In summary, much work has been completed and Mashburn is working all the critical path issues to meet the target dates:

  1. Be back in the new Pro-Shop by April 15th
  2. Open the new locker rooms by May 23th
  3. Open the Grill by May 30th.

The Richland County Demolition permit was issued on January 25,2022 allowing the project to move forward and the Permit to construct was issued on March 10,2022.

We thank you for your patience and working through several inconveniences during construction. We have assured our Contractor there will be no punishment for and early finish. All parties are committed and working hard toward the key millstones.

The Wildewood Construction Team