Update on Clubhouse Renovations

Update on Clubhouse Renovations

UPDATED Status Report by The Wildewood Club on April 30, 2022.

Work continued at a rapid pace this week. Unfortunately, things will begin to slow down a bit this coming week as the project will be faced with some supply chain issues. Doors for key areas will be the hold-up. Mashburn is using their influence and creativity to move key vendors in the right direction. Last week the building inspector approved all the overhead mechanical and electrical installs allowing the ceiling tiles to be inserted.

Here are some of the major accomplishments this past week:

  • Note, in the grill area the walls and ceiling installations are complete. Appliances have been moved into the space and the electricians (Allegiance) and the plumber (Amo) will begin installation next week.
  • In the locker rooms, tile has been installed on the floors and walls. Next week the plumbers will be able to set the new fixtures. The installers will follow right behind with partitions.
  • The offices are nearing completion, the furniture is being staged for final placement.
  • All the drop ceilings are in place and lights are installed everywhere but, in the Pub.

Other work started but not yet completed is the painting of the exposed ceiling in the Pub area. Cleaning of the brick floor in the Pub. Installing doors and baseboards throughout, and of course painting. Michael Yeni continues to coordinate all the trades masterfully. Mechanical and tile flooring throughout is 98% complete.

Key work activities next week include:

  • Applying a second coat of paint on the Pub ceiling.
  • Install ceramic fixtures in the locker rooms.
  • Install partitions in the locker rooms.
  • Doors and trim work.
  • Complete brickwork
  • Cleaning!

In summary, Mashburn (Michael Yeni and Cathryn Poplin) and all their subcontractors are tracking to meet the target dates:

  1. Be back in the new Pro-Shop by April 15th (Goal Achieved)
  2. Open the new locker rooms by May 23rd (On target)
  3. Open the Grill by May 30th.

The Richland County Demolition permit was issued on January 25,2022 allowing the project to move forward and the Permit to construct was issued on March 10,2022.

We thank you for your patience and working through several inconveniences during construction. We have assured our Contractor there will be no punishment for and early finish. All parties are committed and working hard toward the key millstones.

The Wildewood Construction Team