Update on Clubhouse Renovations

Update on Clubhouse Renovations

The Wildewood Club Downstairs Remodel Status Report for May 27, 2022.

It has been two weeks since the last published update and this will likely be the last if all goes well next week. We want to thank our members for their patience and support during this project and sincerely hope that many of you will find the results to be worth the wait.

Progress since the last May 15th update has been significant. Adam has relocated the Pro Shop back to the Main Building. He and his staff still have a lot of unpacking and arranging to complete but the Pro Shop is fully functional with phone and computer capabilities. Located in the Pro Shop is a service counter where the coffee pot and multi-function ice & water dispensing machine has been installed for convenience.

The locker rooms are now in service. Televisions have been installed throughout the downstairs. The Grill Kitchen is complete and awaiting inspections by the Fire Marshal and SCDHEC.

Best of all, all the doors have arrived and have been hung. A new ceiling has been installed and the walls have been painted in the breezeway.

Again, Mashburn and all the subcontractors have been amazing, especially Michael Yeni and Cathryn Poplin who have worked seven days a week when necessary.

What remains:

  • Passing the final Inspections with the Fire Marshal and SCDHEC scheduled for June 1, 2022 (the earliest we could get on their schedule).
  • Miscellaneous to include installing the remaining door handles & hardware, installing minor trim, touch up paint, etc.
  • Seal the Pub floors.
  • Install new Awnings for the Pro Shop and Grill outside entrances.
  • Vendor support to stock beverages – note the Pub will have the capacity to support four draft beers on tap.
  • Relocate and place furnishings.
  • Clean up.

We thank you for your patience and working through several inconveniences during construction. We have assured our Contractor there will be no punishment for and early finish. All parties are committed and working hard toward the key millstones.

The Wildewood Construction Team